Unique traditional handicrafts

In Lapin Anna's handicraft shop you can meet my mother Anna-Maria who makes and sells unique traditional handicrafts. The house is located about 4 km north of Kersilö along national road 4.

Reindeer herd visitors can visit Lapin Anna's handicraft shop free of charge, but you can also make a separate reservation. The reservation includes coffee/tea and a delicious pastry that you can enjoy while visiting the shop. During the visit we will talk about handicrafts and how they are made.

In the shop upstairs, you can find beautiful, unique handicrafts - perfect gifts or souvenirs to take home and remember your unforgettable visit to Lapland.

At the moment we are open by reservation only.

If you want to make a reservation that includes coffee/tea, please send us an email! Price 15e/person

Lapin Anna Design was born from Anna-Maria's passion for handicrafts. She started making handicrafts already as a child and her mother and grandmother were also skilled local craftswomen. Although Jenni is more passionate about reindeer herding work, she also enjoys making handicrafts from goatskin, reindeer skin, and broadcloth. She also sells reindeer hides, antlers, and reindeer meat.

Knitting, weaving, felting, crocheting, and sewing are all close to Anna-Maria's heart. All her products are handmade with high-quality materials. Anna-Maria's source of inspiration are all the gorgeous colours of the seasons in Lapland's unique nature.

Lapin Anna's atmospheric log cabin was built after the war in 1947. Anna-Maria started renovating the building in 2012. She wanted to open an atelier of her own and start a small shop where she can fulfil her visions both in interior decoration and handicrafts. Every item and piece of furniture is carefully chosen and tells a story.