Tours available:

December 20th - April 15t

2 - 15   persons per group

4.5   hours

120 EUR / person

Children under 12 years -50%

Enjoy an authentic visit with a Forest Sámi reindeer herder family in Lapland, in the village of Kersilö in Sodankylä. Kersilö is located along the national road 4, 130 km (about 1.5 hours) from Rovaniemi and 20 km (20 minutes) north of Sodankylä. The tour starts at the family's home farm where customers arrive with their own cars. 

Jenni, the reindeer herder woman will meet you at the reindeer farm. The family's home is buzzing with everyday life and you can meet the children, and, if you wish, get to know the family's adorable reindeer- and huntingdogs. Before the tour starts, you will be equipped with proper, high-quality winter gear. Reindeer herder Jenni equips the sled and heads with you to the wild where the reindeer roam free, grazing in natural pastures. Sometimes you may see other forest animals and their tracks on the way. The ride duration depends on where the reindeer are. They can usually be found around 10 to 15 minutes away from the farm.

 Jukka, the oldest reindeer herder in the family, will be waiting for you in the wild with the reindeer. After arriving, you can meet and feed the reindeer while Jenni prepares local snacks by the open fire. The snack menu consists of traditional homemade bread filled with smoked cheese. The bread is roasted on fire and moose or reindeer meat is served with the bread. Warm homemade berry juice is served as a drink. After the meal, you can enjoy traditional coffee and taste local sweet pastries baked by the family's mother. 

The trip lasts about two and a half hours. During the day, you will hear about the local reindeer herders' life and Forest Sámi culture. Before returning to the farm, you will also learn how to throw the reindeer herder's lasso (suopunki). Lasso throwing is one of the most important skills of a reindeer herder. 

After returning to the farm, you have an opportunity to visit the handicraft house of the family's grandmother, Lapin Anna by your own car. After a five-minute drive north you will find a beautifully renovated traditional house where Anna knits local handicrafts. On the upper floor of the house there is a shop that offers local reindeer and knitted products (souvenirs). You will end the tour at the handicraft house over a cup of coffee and hear stories about reindeer and local culture.

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